The Stagepunch Advantage

A 12-session Lesson Plan

Sessions 1 – 4: Making Choices & Tackling the Text

Session 1: Choosing a Program

  • Consult with one of our Acting Coaches. They’ll help you narrow down the programs that reflect your expectations, budget, and dreams! 

Session 2: Choosing Your Monologues

  • Now that you’ve chosen a couple programs it’s time to get to work. Our Acting Coaches will help you choose monologues that compliment your abilities and interests.

Session 3: Practice Your Monologues

  • Now that you have your monologues chosen, book a session with one of our Acting Coaches to work on your pieces. They’ll help you understand the text and actions in your monologue.

Session 4: Tackling Shakespeare’s Text

  • For some understanding Shakespeare is daunting and for others it’s a blast! Either way, it’s important to work with a coach to ensure you’ve got a great grasp on your pieces.

Sessions 5 & 6: Finding Power in Your Voice and Body

Session 5: Voice

  • Connect with one of our Voice and Speech coaches to strengthen your diction, breathing, and more. We can promise you’ll have classes like this in college so even if you’ve already been accepted you can use these sessions to get ahead!

Session 6: Movement

  • Some people think acting is all about words, but the truth is acting is a highly physical profession. You never know what you might discover when you explore where a monologue sits in your body. If you’re interested in BFA or Conservatory training you can expect A LOT of Movement classes in college. 

Sessions 7 & 8: Video Auditions

Session 7: Video Audition Preparation

  • Most of the programs you apply to will ask for a video audition submission. Some schools are using this as a first audition and will call you back if they want to see more. Some this is it! That is why it is important to get your best work on camera.  Stagepunch coaches will guide you through this process with each school. You can see all video audition requirements on our programs page.

Session 8: Recording Your Videos

  • Once you have all your requirements planned and ready, we will record each video together and evaluate until you have the perfect submission ready.

Sessions 9 & 10: Work on Those Life Skills!

Session 9: Financial Panning

  • Preparing the perfect audition, writing essays, and filling out applications can consume a lot of time and energy, but it’s important to save some for financial planning. Sit down with Leigh, our Financial Advisor, for breakdown of what to expect and how to plan for your future as a student and an actor!

Session 10: Mental Wellness

  • Choose between a Meditation Session with Jeanne or Mental Health Tips with Magen. Balance is the key to any artists life. Take some time to focus on ways you can maintain your mental health through college and your career.

Session 11 & 12: Practice Makes Perfect

Session 11: Refining Your Audition

  • Reconnect with an acting coach to continue practicing your pieces. With new insight on text, voice, and movement from your previous sessions, your pieces will be in a great place. Your acting coach will help you put all this technique, knowledge, and training together to refine your audition.

Session 12: Mock Audition

  • The final session! Your acting coach will run you through a mock audition and interview. For most universities right now, this will be a virtual zoom audition.  And for a large percentage, this will take place as a callback to your video submission in the beginning of the year you will attend. So for example, if you are applying for Fall of 2022, your virtual audition will be February that year. You’ll get a lesson on how to present yourself in an audition and how to leave a lasting impression.

Do it all again!

If you read our guidebook page titled Prepare. Practice. Perform! we outline an application timeline. We suggest all students begin their application process exactly one year out from their auditions. Which means January or February their Junior year of high school. This will put them finishing their last sessions with Stagepunch the month they are in all their callbacks. We recommend doing the 12-session Stagepunch Advantage twice in this time for a total of 24 sessions, two free!

Want to book the Stagepunch Advantage?

Choose Your Own Adventure

If you don’t feel ready to take on the full Stagepunch Advantage just yet, you can choose your own adventure. Mix and match coaches to fit your needs and pay as you go. Below are the types of coaching we offer, click on one to learn more.