The Process

There is so much more to the application process (and life as an artist) than perfecting your audition material. That’s why we have dedicated Life Skills Coaches here at Stagepunch. If you want to read more about each individual coach and their practice, click on their picture or name. All Stagepunch Coaches are working industry professionals and passionate about coaching the next generation of performing artists.

The Coaches

Jeanne Lauren Smith

Meditation Coach

Specialties: Mindfulness, Meditation for the Performer, Breathing Techniques

Leigh Adel-Arnold

Finance Coach

Specialties: Financial Planning, Budgeting, Grants & Scholarships

Magen Huntley

Mental Health Coach

Specialties: Wellness, Mental Health for the Performer

Jill Gottlieb, Fitness and Nutrition Coach at Stagepunch

Jill Gottlieb

Fitness and Nutrition Coach

Specialties: Physical Trainer, Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning, Mental and Physical Wellness

The Booking System

Interested in working with one of our life skills coaches?