Magen Huntley, Mental Health Coach

Magen Huntley

Mental Health

Type: One-on-One & Group

Duration: 55 minutes

Cost: $60 / Pro & VIP: $45

Mental Health Tips from Magen

As theatre practitioners, we live in our past experiences and our emotions more than most people, just like athletes who ice and recover their muscles, we have to take special care of our inner wellbeing. We believe in mindfulness, meditation, grounding, and acknowledging our emotions to achieve this goal. There are no wrong feelings to feel, and none of us are meant to move through life with any feeling alone. 

Magen also runs Wellness Wednesday, a free event exclusive to members of Stagepunch. It is a safe space where you can come once a week for a group session all about wellness.

About Magen Huntley:

Magen is from Pensacola, FL, where she started her life in theatre at 5 years old. After graduating from Gulf Breeze High School, she pursued a BFA in Performance and Production with concentrations in Directing and Dramatic Writing from Texas State University. While at Texas State, Magen founded and artistically directed the student-run Jane Doe Theatre Company where she and her peers uplifted their fellow undergraduates through the production of student written new-work. Having graduated, Magen continues her passions for the support and empowerment of her community through her education at Loyola University New Orleans in their Clinical Mental Health Counseling Master’s program. 

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