Berfin Berber, International Student Advisor

Berfin Berber

International Student Advisor

Type: One-on-One

Duration: 45 minutes

Cost: $60 / Pro & VIP: $45

Check in with Berfin

Hi, I’m Berfin Berber and I’m a New York-based actor and deviser. I’m originally from Istanbul, Turkey but have been a US resident for over 4 years now. After attending French school in Istanbul for 16 years, I decided to pursue an undergraduate degree in theatre and recently got my BFA in Acting from Emerson College in Boston. 

Political theatre for social change is my life’s passion and combined with my decade-long experience with devising, I found myself in immersive, experimental and poignant productions all throughout my collegiate career. Now I’m excited to transition to the New York theatre scene and explore what the city and I have to offer each other. 

I was the most recent Education Intern at Yonder Window Theatre Company and worked closely with this year’s New York Teen Shakespeare Intensive. That experience incited a genuine curiosity in theatre education which led me to become a peer mentor for Stagepunch.  From International student to International Newyorker, I am ready to pour my heart and soul into advisory, guidance and perhaps some delicious food talks. 

My philosophy is be yourself and move at the speed of trust in order to find Truth. During your college audition, it’s not just the school auditioning you, it’s also you auditioning the school. This process is a game of matchmaking and I want you to have the head start. 

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