The Process

Every coach has their own specialties and different ways of approaching the work. We believe they all have something valuable to offer you on your application journey. If you want to read more about each individual coach, click on their picture or name. All Stagepunch Coaches are working industry professionals and passionate about coaching the next generation of performing artists.

The Coaches

Dave Demke, Voice Coach

Dave Demke

Specialties: Linklater Voice, Shakespeare’s Structure and use of Rhetoric, Actioning and Targeting text, Character Development, Presence

Janice Orlandi, Movement Coach

Janice Orlandi

Specialties: Movement Specialist in Psychophysical Methods of Training, Character Transformation, Physical Dramaturgy, and Period Styles.

Alicia Olatuja, Singing Coach

Alicia Olatuja

Specialties: Singing, Vocal Empowerment

Christopher Tramantana, Movement Coach

Christopher Tramantana

Specialties: Contemporary and Heightened Text, Shakespeare Technique, Clown, Games, Lecoq Movement Technique

Picture of Shannon Stowe, Dance and Movement Coach

Shannon Stowe

Specialties: Dance and Movement, Physical Health and Wellness for the Performing Artist, Fitness Professional, Dialects

Josephine Cooper, Singing Coach

Josephine Cooper

Specialties: Singing, Therapeutic Voice Work, Movement Practices

The Booking System

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